Saturday, May 3, 2014

Paleo-ish Gluten Free Outdoor Firepit Snacks: S'mores Healthy Style

There is nothing that says summer as much as a good ole' campfire. Our family LOVES sitting down and chatting round the snapping, crackling fire with the warm glow lighting up our faces. There is something primitively rugged and romantic about it at the same time.

The family favorite of this time together for our kiddos is probably the roasting of marshmallows and the gobbling of the s'mores. In the last couple years with our family trying to eat a more healthy, paleo, gluten free diet I decided to try to make up some healthier fire roasting & gobbling ingredients. 

After some searching on the web-o-sphere, I found the two following recipes. I tried 'em out and they were delish. My kiddos didn't even question them. 

Paleo Graham Crackers


Paleo Homemade Marshmallow Recipe: GAPS, GF

With this recipe the marshmallows are very moist. I would suggest letting them dry out for a couple days prior to roasting. They got a little drippy on our sticks - but they were DELICIOUS!!!

Totally worth trying. As for the chocolate - we just went with good old Hershey's. So, no we weren't completely paleo - but I think the options were WAY better. Somethings just aren't worth changing...and some are. Let me know if you have a great chocolate alternative.

-Simply Sublime

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