Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More Chalkboard Art Quote: Kind Words & Love in Action

The newest creation and my favorite so far: {Probably because I ADORE Mother Teresa} 

Here is another one I made up yesterday. This one was inspired by a friend's facebook quote they posted. I LOVE the message! Would be a great daily reminder to actually

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  1. Hi Kimber - I am finishing up the spring issue of Ruby for Women and wanted to get back to you about including some of your chalk board craft projects to share with our readers. I would like to link back to this post if that's OK. Please let me know. Also, if you have another blog post or article you would like to submit, please forward that to me at I still have a couple spots open! The spring issue will be available by April 1 and we will promote your chalkboard art throughout the spring to all of our readers and followers. Thanks so much, Nina @ Ruby for Women