About Us

These are my peeps, my preciousness's, my schnookums. You will also hear me frequently call them my lovey loaves, my shhhhnickerdoodles (yes I know it is spelled and pronounced differently than the cookie), shweetie pies, most important of all they are the loves of my life. These are the ones God has chosen for me to do daily life with. These are the ones who have been GIFTED to me by a loving Father to remind me  repeatedly, day in and day out, what love is... 

If you visit my blog much - it won't take long for you to figure out we are a far, far, cry from perfect. So--->

We are in fact...

Our family needs to maintain better structure, stay more organized, give our faces longer breaks from the tech screens of this day and age, we need to be more active, eat healthier, be a wallygang lot kinder to one another. We need to use less sarcasm, hug more, be seeking God more diligently. We need to reach out more and stay home less. We need to spend less and give more.

I am not just saying this. It is totally true. If I did photo shoot for a home e-tour right now you would see the cobwebs in the corner that are driving me nuts right now. (But I am too busy with my face glued to the screen to do something about them) You would also see the jewelry show displays and boxes spread out in my basement from two weeks ago, along with ebay items waiting to be listed stacked on the floor - and so much more. It is not a pretty sight. I am not one of the bloggers who wants to show you how to live the perfect life, or how to appear to have it all together.  I just want to encourage you to GO FOR IT, despite your weaknesses. Don't question your abilities based on your shortcomings. Know what your strengths are and embrace them. Here is a bit about me personlly:

I am the creative type - you know... the "SQUIRREL" kinda person. (If you saw the movie UP that made sense to you) I love to start projects... I like to have projects completed. I don't always like the phase in between those bookends.

I have a deep seated passion for the HURTING around the World, especially AFRICA. I say AFRICA because I mean AFRICA - not one country in particular, but many. There was a time in my life that the thought of going to Africa terrified me. I actually had a moment in my life where I was telling God (yeah - he was listening...and probably laughing) that I would do ANYTHING he asked.....except........go to someplace like Africa. 15 years later...hello Africa. 

My heartstrings sometimes get me into trouble. I feel strongly and I want to act.... like, well, why not like right now. Why must we always wait? Sometimes we just need to try, right?

HUGE heart for adoption. It physically pains me to see children who are hurting because they have no one to love and care for them. Our family consists of three stories of adoption. One is the adoption as sons and daughters by our Abba Father. The other two are the stories that belong to two of our children. One is domestic and one is international. My dream would be to one day have a big house full of extra wee ones while living on foreign soil. We shall see...


  1. Hi Kimber - I discovered your blog while searching for images of "Love in Action" quotes that I could share with the readers of our online Christian women's magazine, Ruby for Women. I came across your chalkboard art and noticed that you have a beautiful and inspiring blog and would like to invite you to submit some of your articles, recipes, or craft projects for publication in our magazine.

    I also noticed that you are adoptive parents . . . . which is also close to my heart as we have two daughters adopted from China, along with many older children who are all grown up and have children of their own.

    I would like to include the image of one of your chalkboard art quotes in the upcoming issue of our magazine, which I will of course link back here to your blog. Please let me know if this is OK with you and please consider submitting other articles for future publication. We especially want to share things like your "Bible Verse Pennant Flag" project as we are devoted to sharing family ideas with our readers. Hope to hear from you soon! Nina @ Ruby for Women www.rubyforwomen.com

    1. Nina - LOVE IT! Please feel free to use the images with a link back. :) I would be honored to submit more in the future as well. I apologize for the delay in my response between Thanksgiving and Christmas we have been a bit busy for computer time. Blessings!