Friday, March 8, 2013

Visual Photo Candy for your Blog: Free Cool Slideshows

As I have been confined to the house for a few days I wanted to get some of my photos up on the blog for my bloggies to enjoy. I talk alot of Africa, my family, friends, throughout my ramblings so why not add a little photo presentation. Now that google and picasa have teamed up I thought this would be a quick and easy task. Well it was indeed...QUICK, EASY and super-dee-duper UGLY. The photos were teeny , different sizes and I didn't like the format - the photos were scaled by photo image size. It just looked plain weird. 

So I just knew... "some where.... out there" [sung to the famous song] there had to be a dreamy,  fabulous graphic display system  for photos out there. Sure enough I stumbled upon Instantly I was drawn to their style. One look and you can tell they are a bit edgier than many of their competitors. They have several fun little projects you can create. You can even add some musical accompaniment.  Some projects you need to pay for - Some are FREE -[ they just want to add a lil' advertisement at the end of the show... and who wouldn't want a little credit anyway?]

You can change the size of your slideshow images, originally I went with a medium size but it was WAY too big. I ended up using the smallest size option. (Isn't it great...did I ask that already?) You can pick textures, background colors, different designs, you can add a photo background behind your photos. Isn't it GREAT???  Oh, you are going to LOVE it!

So check out my slideshow I put together and tell me how you like it? (Don't ya' just love it?) and for free!

-Simply Sublime

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