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Get Gardening w/ your Kids: DIY Recycled Succulent Projects

There is nothing quite as fun as digging in dirt with kiddos and planting new life. There is something I just LOVE about gardening projects for kids. Is it possibly the awe and wonder of watching something grow...sigh. Maybe it is because it reminds me of a deeply buried childhood memory of seed planting - or maybe it is because it reminds me that there is always hope for positive change. Either way I just love watching a little something turn into a BIG something BEAUTIFUL!

recycled robo planter people
Miniature Robo Planter {}

I am teaching a class at our local Homeschool Co-op where we are completing projects we will enter into the Fair. Succulent Gardens are always some of my very favorite entries. They are so easy to plant and maintain plus there are very little limitations on uses for a container with their shallow root system.

I thought I would do some surfing and see if there were some fresh projects out there to inspire me. Here are some cute projects I found.

Recycled lids used as adorable little containers for a mini garden.
You could even place these on top of cute candle holders at varying heights.

The options for creativity are endless. The plants themselves have a large variety of textures & colors. From old lunch boxes to glass jars, you can use almost any container you can find. They can grow indoors or outdoors. 

Here are some recycled Spaghetti Jars. All you need is a little mirror paint and voila...a lovely recycled container.

They can look formal, or high on the funky factor.

You could use an old hollow rubber toy.

Succulent gardens can be used as a treasured keepsake of days gone by.

Recycled Children's shoes.


or you could put them in boots and create some cute fence decor.

garden boots
{Source: Rosy-posy}
These aren't succulents but you get the idea.

Vintage Glass Insulators:
I actually have a box of these. Super excited to use them but picturing a little added industrial elements.

DIY – Reuse Glass Insulators for Succulent Planters

Old Toy Cars: now this one is for kids and Dads!

Old Vintage Cans & Tins

What could be cheaper than an egg shell garden?
and the adorability factor is over the top.

{Source: SAHome Owner}

I was looking for old frames and screen projects with succulents when I mentally pictured the succulents forming just the letter of our last name with the screen showing as the background. Then I popped across this little number. I LOVE it! Still think the screen idea would be cool - plus I love old frames.

{Source: House&Fig}

So many fun options to start spinning your brain on. I bet you have something laying around your home right now that could be old toy, an old shoe, a chipped cup or bowl. The possibilities are almost endless.

All you need are a few simple materials to get started:

Materials you will need:

  • rocks (enough to fill container 2/3 of the way)
  • succulent plants - get a variety of color, soft, spikey, flowering.
  • whatever container tickles your fancy
  • cactus potting soil
  • spray bottle

Steps for planting:

Time to get planting...
you will want to start by adding a nice thick layer of rocks to the bottom of your container, about 2/3 of the way to the top, Once you have a nice drain field area established with your rocks you will follow by adding a nice layer of cactus potting soil on top of the rocks. It is now time to get creative... start playing around with the placement of the succulents. It doesn't take much to get theroots into the soil. Make sure you let your kiddo have some fun too. ;) 
Once you have your plants arranged with roots in place, it is a great time to give them a misty shower. These plants don't require much - just a light misting. Repeat when it begins to dry out.
I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see any succulent projects you have done. So please do post in the comments area.  I will be posting pics of my students gardening projects upon completion. I will also be posting a pretty fantabulous idea for a project I have spinning in my head. 
For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.-Isaiah 61:11

{If you would like to see what the kiddos came up with hop on over to the blog post I put on showing pictures.} Completed Kids Succulent Garden Projects

-Simply Sublime

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