Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easy DIY Disney Vacation Memory Making Project: Customized Mouse Ears Autograph / Journal Notebook

Our family is trying to create the lowest cost, budget trip to Disneyland this spring while still maintaining the qualities that will keep it a cherished experience. There are many things we know we can skimp on that won't stop it from being the best vacation ever- but some things just can't be skipped. No matter what your age {my kiddos range from 10-25 years old.} there are certain parts of a trip to Disneyland that are the must see-do-experiences that keep it forever in your hearts.

I do believe my eldest girly-girl, the most princessy, nostalgic girl I know, will not find Disneyland the happiest place on earth, unless we are engaging with the Princesses and other characters. Undoubtedly she is UBER excited to assist her little brother in meeting the characters for the first time. Unfortunately, over the years I have tossed one too many autograph books in the trash. Somehow those "must-have" treasures lose their appeal once the next trip is scheduled. Now, that just seems terribly wasteful to me. So, what could we do that would still allow for those magical moments of meeting the characters but would also hold it's value over time? Hmm, why not a combination of Autograph  & Journal? This would allow us to  retain the memories, laughter and the blunder bumps along the way as well as provide places to get autographs as well. BONUS! Not something so easily tossed in the garbage later. 

As I was dreaming up this concept one of my favorite internet-based publishing companies just happened to be having a special going on. Shutterfly was offering 50% off their custom notebooks. SUH-WEET! I immediately got to work.

First I would need to create some ears... 

Then add an "autograph" graphic banner...

Link to download: Mouse Ears Autograph

{Feel free to use either of the graphics above to make your own}

To finish it off I would add each child's name, as if embroidered on the back of the hat( I know it is usually gold thread but for the visual effect I preferred white), onto the Mickey Ears. I saved each of the named ear designs as individual jpegs and then uploaded them to shutterfly, along with my favorite pictures of my kiddos. 


Once I found the notebook design I wanted to use, their I heart you design on Shutterfly, I simply placed the photos and I was ready to place my order. 

On our many team excursions to Africa we have realized the value of journaling. When trips are so packed full of new experiences, those what you are sure are "unforgettable moments" find ways to seep out of the brain. Not to mention, those notable blubbers, embarrassing moments or rantings that are sure to take place when you have any kind of agenda at all. With this in mind our clan tries to take note of these whenever we can. (Most likely for future blackmailing - haha.)

Young kiddos could even color their own portraits of their favorite characters next to the autographs. Later you could go back and glue in those fabulous character photos. These journals really allow for a lot of creativity. 

I would love to hear any other ideas you have for these little treasures. Or of course any saving tips you have for our upcoming vaca.

~Simply Sublime

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