Friday, July 12, 2013

KOMBUCHA 101 Best cup ever: DIY Blueberry and Peach YUM

So following our previous  posts on Kombucha 101 we have now created the world's best cup of....


Kombucha with muddled blueberries and peaches. Are you kidding me? This is the BEST Kombucha I have ever had and I have tried me some serious varieties of Kombucha. 

We used the black tea and followed the regular process we posted. After one week of fermenting with a nice healthy scoby we removed the scoby and started a new batch. Then took the current batch of Kombucha and added blueberries and chunks o' fresh peach. Just a few days later and DELISH! 

 I thought the black tea may possibly be too strong with the fruit but it was what we had going so we tried it. Now I can't imagine trying anything else. Although we may get a few batches going at a time - one white tea and maybe even a green tea.  SO EXCITED! Can't believe how easy this is and boy does it save a ton of money. Kombucha is expensive at anywhere from $3-6 a bottle. 

I am telling you, this is worth a try. It is...


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