Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer 2013 Best iphone Camera Photo Editing App for Photo Design & Graphics : Trendy

So just today I have been hit up by several people wondering how I designed the photo featured in my lastest blog post on Kombucha (as seen below). Thanks to pinterest a few weeks ago I found Rhonna Designs and I was very intrigued by her style. Oh yeah baby, it is a beautifully fun and creative thing.

Another design I created with the app:

She has recently created a phone app that will seriously KNOCK your SOCKS right off!!! Coming from a graphic and corporate id background I just love some great fonts and design elements. So many design and photo apps have left me feeling frustrated because as they may do a great job in one particular area like frames, or fonts, or backgrounds....  you end up having to save and upload in another app to get the overall finished product you desire. Many times I even end up uploading it to picmokey or pixlr. Ugh!  Let me tell you this...Rhonna Design is a one stop shop. The Rhonna Design app DOES.NOT.DISAPPOINT.  

If you would like to read more about this app check out what International Digital Times has to say about it. I am telling you - if you want one place to do it all - this is a great option. All for $1.99? Are you kidding me? What is not to love! (yeah that wasn't a question) 

-Simply Sublime


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