Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paleo Recipe: What's-in-the-fridge Stuffed Green Pepper - Whole Food

Tonight I had my weekly girly-girls bible study group all lined up. This evening is always a fan-tab-ulous evening where our mind, bodies and spirits get filled to the brim with nourishment. Problem was.... my family still needed to eat. Hubby would be working late. Which left me needing to whip something up and quick. 

It all began with me poking my head into the fridge to find some inspiration. Somehow this particular color palette seemed fitting for a great dish. A- ha... 3 green bell peppers... let's fill 'em. 

So I began chopping like a mad woman.

10 mushrooms, 1/4 of a purple cabbage, 2 carrots, 4 garlic cloves and half a large onion later - and I was ready to start the cooking. I had a pound of ground beef in the fridge. So the browning began - after it was a nice color I tossed in 3 T. new mexico diced green chili along with some onion and as they reached the halfway softened state I threw in everything else. (Typically I would hold off on the mushrooms until the last couple minutes - but on this night I would not be home to make sure this was actually consumed....so the mushrooms needed to be incognito) 

The photos don't do this justice - but it really smelled yummy. After it reached a nicely cooked consistancy it was time to add a little diced tomato to the mix, a sprinkle of salt to enhance the flavors and voila... the filling was ready. 

Next to prepare the green peppers

I cut them straight across and cut out the innards.

Yep - they are gloriously green and ready for some scrumptousness to fulfill their purpose.

A few big spoonfuls pressed into them...

A lil' garnish to make it pretty....

Toss it in the oven @ 350 degrees and wait about 30 minutes. YUM! 

I didn't get a photo of the finished product after it had baked due to my.. I MUST run out the door and get to my group - state of mind. They were beautiful though - basically looked similar to this but the green bell pepper had softened a little leaving a delicious aroma in the air. 

What I really love about this is you could add whatever you wanted to this. You really don't need a recipe. Just dig around in your fridge and grab some produce. I was thinking diced sweet potatoes would have been a delish addition - they would need to be cut small and added when the onions go in. Celery and bacon. Pretty much whatever you think would be good to add in - give it a try.  

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