Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Photo Wall Design Idea : Poster


Do you LOVE the  BIG - BOLD looks that digital design can produce? It is incredible what can be done when you pair some great creativity with the latest technology. I know for me I get really excited with concept until it comes time to pull out the old cash-ola. It can be p-r-i-c-e-y to get the creative flow moving. 

That is until....NOW! When I first stumbled upon this I was like...

"Are you kidding me?"

 This is SO COOL!!! ...and the software is FREE???  Just pick that one favorite image you keep looking at - you know, the one that melts your heart every time you look at it. This program will create multiple pieces from one image and you can print it on your own at-home printer. SWEET!  Just visit the PosteRazor website and check it out for yourself. 

-Simply Sublime

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  1. This piece is adorable and the flowers!!! So beautiful ♥ wall designs