Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What in the Garlic Scape? Recipes & Ideas

Last spring our family decided to venture out into the wild, fresh and daring world of home delivery by joining in a local organic home delivery group. This new adventure would be bringing us fresh, local and fun ingredients straight to our door once a week or every other week. We had the choice of deciding every item we would like the box to contain or.... we could be a bit more daring and pick a Locavore Box which comes with enough ingredients to create three meals plus a bit more. Frequently it will contain items that drag you out of your boring dinner menu doldrums.

There are Surf, Turf, Gluten Free and Paleo Options which vary the protein and grain items that are included in your yummy delivery crate. We worked our way through quite a few of the options as we try to eat Paleo most of the time (despite the grumbling of my dear hub who LOVES him a good sandwich or burger) We tried the gluten free which had some delightfully delicious GF Bread and rolls. We also tried a box that included some fresh pasta. YUM! This was probably my favorite - but I do better if I stick to gluten free - even better if I stick with completely grain free. 

The selection of produce always seems to include a salad type green - then boy does the produce vary. It has been SO FUN finding new recipes for these new-to-us veggies. One such delivery item was the Garlic Scapes. I have fun trying new ingredients in the kitchen - frequently I will find myself with some interesting looking produce. Garlic Scapes, however, were not something I had ever recalled seeing in any recipe ingredient list.

Well these cute little scapes arrived at our door a week before we were leaving for Africa. In the chaotic crunch of time finding a yummy recipe for these scapes was just not going to become a reality. As much as I would like to have an orderly life all mapped out from minute to minute... I Don't! So scapes stayed in their cute little produce keeper box while we headed out the door. 

Now - don't you worry. There is no need to fret over the lost scapes....They did not go to waste.  Welcome to the scene: Dear Mom. She searched the web and found the perfect pesto recipe with the main ingredient....duh-duh-da-da-  Garlic Scapes.   

Not only did she make yummy pesto with it, she froze some for us to taste when we got back. Delightful, yes? Yummy - OH YES!!! 

This recipe could be used as a dip or you could toss some chicken on the grill with it. 

I have also sought out a few more Garlic Scape Recipes so I am ready to go when they show up in my box again. Here are a couple links if you would like to try them out too!

Bacon Wrapped Garlic Scapes

{Source: Coldgarden.com}

Garlic Scape Vinegar

Stir-Fried Scapes & Veggies

{Source: Redcook.net}

For those of you following my new fermented FRENZY with the beginnings of our KOMBUCHA makings here is another thing we will be adding to our list:

Brine-Pickles Garlic Scapes


There are also a lot of yummy recipes out there for those who enjoy themselves some yummy grains / gluten - it is TORTURE for me to post many of those recipes though. I swear I consume the calories by just looking at the photos. HA! 

I hope you find yourself searching for some scapes when they are in season - mid summer. 

-Simply Sublime

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