Monday, October 22, 2012

For the LOVE of Chocolatopia.

Our family is part of a Homeschool Co-op where the parents teach 2 semesters (consisting of 8 weeks) to a group of about 10 kiddos. I am a hands on, creative kind of girl. I also find food to be in my list of TOP 10's in my life. (Okay - it really lands in the top 5). So this semester I decided to teach EDIBLE ART! How fun is that? This particular project turned out so cute I thought I would share.

I combined 2 different really cute pinterest projects I had scoped out plus added a little touch of my own to create one exceptional fall chocolatopia.

First things first the kiddos need to take a lil' field trip outside to find some pliable leaves with nice veins.

Wash with a little soapy water, rinse and pat dry. Set aside for later....

You start with Wilton's Dark Chocolate Melting Chips - you can find these at your local craft store. I picked mine up at Michaels. Since we were limited on time we followed the microwaving instructions.

I had the kiddos get a handful of each of the following ingredients:

            1. Butterscotch Chips
            2. Hershey's Kisses
            3. Nutter Butter Bites

Then you simply lightly dip the kisses & chips into the now Melted Wilton's Chips and press one on each side of the Nutter Butter. SO SIMPLE & SO CUTE!!!
Here is the finished acorn. YUMM-O!


Blow up a good quality balloon - but you don't want the balloon fully blown up. We blew up ours until it was about 3-4" in diameter. You will be making a small bowl with this. (Hint: Tie it as tightly & closely as you can to to bulb part of balloon to get the most pressure in the blown up area)

          1.  Now you will dip the balloon into the melted Wilton's Candy Melts. Dip as deep as you want your bowl to be. We dipped about 2 inches into the chocolate. Set on waxed paper until it sets (or cool in fridge). 
          2. When cool dip 2nd time. 
          3. Snip tip of balloon - allow air to release, then pull balloon out gently.
          4. VOILA - a choco-bowl! 
They do have how-to video's on youtube for this.


I think this may have been the kids favorite part. The chocolate leaves. Once you know the leaves are clean and have no water on them it is time to get your chocolate on. I used a rubber basting brush.

You simply dip it into the chocolate and brush a nice THICK COAT on the BACK of the leaf. If your chocolate coat is not about  1/8" thick go ahead and add on a second coat. Let cool - on counter or in fridge. When cool peel leaf from chocolate...  and ta da... LOVELY LEAF of Chocolate you do have!

Now assemble them all together. Place your leaf into the bowl and add your acorns. 

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