Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Dog's Best Friend

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in this little doggies life.

It started off as a very normal doggie kind of day. Barkley was belly deep into the blankets, snuggled up next to one of his faithful followers, Tori. He had relaxed to the point of almost slumber - you know, that just before the heavy snoring occurs state. Slowly he was drawn out of his peaceful place into the harsh reality of someone talking. (This is a very common occurrence for him that never fails to lead to a place of agitation.) Instantly his ears perked up... followed by his eyes.

The chattering taking place contained a few words that appeared to leave him jarred: "Madison" & "Puppy". I was telling Tori that "Maddy" had scooped up a little orphan puppy that couldn't walk and was nursing it back to health. That Maddy was given permission to keep the "PUPPY" on the base where she is staying in Africa. In reaction to that, with no control over his own body, Barkley began to quiver, shiver and wobble. The poor guy could not calm himself down. Add on to that the saddest puppy dog eyes ever. (At this point I am thinking to myself - they pay the dog actors for those desperately sad ASPCA commercial? If so, we could possibly cash in on it)

Not being positive of what had the hairs of his coat doing the wave, I repeated THE word. "Maddy". Now it was a full on tidal wave of moving hair. Yes, yes indeed, this dog missed his BEST FRIEND. This dog was most assuredly reacting to the story.

This Dog is CRAZY smart. That so smart I know when listening to you benefits me and when it pains me kinda smart. Maddy has spent an immense amount of time with this dog teaching him tricks, snuggling and photographing him in costumes and all. Maddy is Barkley's BEST FRIEND. He most likely is hers too. That is probably why she is so happy to have this new little one to love on.

So Madison - enjoy your puppy. Love on your new little rescued mutt, Nala. You have a true gift of caring for and training animals. Let's remember one thing though....
Barkley's Baby Pictures

They don't stay this crazy, adorable puppy cute stage forever. They grow up, smell and convulse. :)
Barkley loves you and so do we!!!

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