Friday, January 20, 2012

How to make an Upcycled SCRABBLE PENDANT Necklace

How to make an
Upcycled Scrabble Pendant

What you will need:
Old Scrabble Game Piece
Paper / Fabric (I used thick scrapbook paper)
Acrylic Lacquer (Diamond Glaze or another brand)
Glue-on Bail
E6000 glue

Items you will need

I also am using a small bead to embellish - see photo below

Trace scrabble size onto desired location of paper.
Pay attention to what you want the pattern to be
on your pendant. 

Trim the paper to just a hair smaller than your scrabble piece.

Notice I am working over a plastic work area - this becomes important during the glazing phase.

Add a line of the glaze on the plain side of the scrabble

Use your trimmed paper to smooth the glaze into a thin, even coating on your scrabble piece. Then place the paper on top. Gently smooth the surface of your paper with your fingers to make sure all bubbles are removed under the paper. If some glaze oozes out the sides simply wipe off. 

Now it is time to add a coat of glaze over the top of  your paper.

Make sure not to have any bubbles. Don't shake the bottle of glaze.

The glaze in now applied.

This is where I like to add an embellishment of some kind. It could be a small pearl, bead, crystal.

I was impatient so I placed the bail under it for this photo - but usually you would wait until the glaze has completely dried to apply your bail. The milky appearance of the glaze will disappear when it is will be clear.

This is the glue you will want to use to affix the bail to the back of the scrabble piece. It takes about a pea size drop or smaller, depending on the size of your bail. 

Is this about the simplest project you've seen? Once you have these supplies you will begin thinking about all kinds of variations on how to use them.

-Simply Sublime!

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