Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Memorizing the Word, Transforming the MIND with James: Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore


Feeling crafty? Below I have a HOW-TO create your own handcrafted version.

I LOVE a good Bible Study - in addition I LOVE to create systems, projects - to bring a concept to life.   Well in this new study I am participating in at our Church - Beth Moore's 
James: Mercy Triumphs 
there are several different levels you can choose to participate in. One option in the study is to memorize the entire book of James. Yes you read me right.... the ENTIRE book. Now we do have 5 months to accomplish this - so broken down enough this is VERY DO-able! The key would be to finding a system that works, a system that you will stick with. 

Many people have offered creative ideas about how to accomplish this. Sheet protectors with a chapter per page. Index cards. Use the first letter of each word to spur your memory. For the auditory learners say it out loud to yourself. All of these GREAT! 

Well I decided to take the ideas I knew would work for me and PRETTIFY them. Yeah - I made that word up. I like it though! Don't you? 

After a few minutes cutting and pasting scripture into my graphic program I decided to see if anyone else had  already accomplished this & had it to share out in cyberland. Sure enough I found this lovely blog by Laura @ who created 3 x 5 cards. 

(you may need to scroll down her page a little to find this link - it is a hotlink that says "PDF" after some photos of her journal with the cards posted on the pages.)

On this blog Laura decided to spread verses out over 54 weeks but to keep it simple I decided I would memorize 2-3 of her weekly cards each week to fit them into my 5 month timeline. This made my task at hand SO MUCH easier. 

I printed out one copy of the cards and trimmed each one down to the size of the border. There are 54 cards total. Once they were all stacked up Week 1 to Week 54 I began trimming my craft paper to 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". 

As this was my first attempt I ended up making my pages one sided, one week card placed on the front of the page and the back of each page is blank. (for the current ones I am making for friends I decided to put the weekly cards on the front and back of each page to decrease the number of pages total = less materials)

Once I had enough craft paper cut I began using a wee bit of adhesive to tack the scripture cards onto the craft paper - just enough to hold it in place temporarily. After this phase was completed it was time to run them through my heat sealer. I LOVE ME SOME Laminated Pages!!!! Did I sound like Beth there? :) 

As with all laminated projects trimming with a small border of the protector left around the edges is important to keep the seal - also remember to round corners as they can be quite sharp. 

I have a Zutter Binder System for Wired binding projects and I always DELIGHT in the finished product when using it. Love the finished look. You could also one hole punch the corner and use a ring binder. or use two or three ring binders down the side to hold them together. 

As you can see this is my first book I made which is quite thick - the new ones are about half the thickness of this one. Which will make them so, so easy to pack around in your bag, everywhere you go.  Now here is what makes this SUBLIME.... are you ready?

This great tip came from my Mentor...With the laminated pages you can have whoever checks you use a DRY ERASE pen and highlight areas you need to improve on without interrupting you mid-way. How AWESOME is that? No really... 

and isn't this just the CUTEST?

If you don't have access to a heat sealer you can go to your local office supply store and they can laminate for you. They can even bind it. Now - this is just my idea of what will work for me. I love it SO MUCH I want to pack it in my bag, hold it, even HUG it!!! I know call me crazy. 

-Simply Sublime!

UPDATE: I have created a thinner, easier to pack around version and I have it for sale in my etsy store. So if you don't feel like making your own you are just one simple click away from being able to buy one or link here.

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