Thursday, March 3, 2016

My face will never be ashamed. Psalm 34:4

Does anyone else out there find it as completely refreshing as I do that I can just SEEK the LORD... he answers and delivers me from my fears? 

Oh, I have so many fears people! I simply cannot tell you the things that spin through my brain on a daily basis. The BEAUTIFUL thing is - the LORD gets it. He understands better than I do what is going on in that space. 

So basically, what I am getting from this verse is, I just need to look to Him. I look to Him and I actually begin to radiate something of Him that is beautiful for all to see. With that...


our faces NEVER need to be ASHAMED!

This is BEAUTY!

Is that priceless or what? Can you put that on and wear it around today? and everyday following...can you remember? Warriors, we must! Hear it, Believe it and ACT ON IT! 

Beautiful Daughter of the King. Take hold of your position in Christ and LIVE IT OUT to the FULLEST! Let nothing hold you back! 

Let fear be behind you and the face of God be in front of you.

Goodbye Fear >>-----------> Hello Purpose!  

-Simply Sublime

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