Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Can toilet scrubbing actually become enjoyable?

A few weeks ago I would have shouted a HUGE...  


Well, making up this little recipe of green cleaning, non-toxic, goodness filled to the rim {get it} all natural cleaner, boosted with the POWER of essential oils is.... AH-MAZING!

Yeah that was a LOAD of words, I know but SO worth it! 

You have got to try this. 

This recipe works great for MANY reasons. In addition it provides you other benefits, outside of a clean toilet, as you do it. Why? The lavender and lemon are relaxing and uplifting.  You will seriously FEEL better when you are done. As it soaks it will fill your home with a wonderful aroma.. 
(you see the pun here don't you) 

If you don't have essential oils stocked in your home, or you don't know what to do with them please comment below - I LOVE helping to educate people. It is a BIG deal to understand the importance of how to use them safely and effectively. Not every bottle is equal, which in turn means not every bottle of the same type of essential oil will have the same effect. You want to know you have a pure essential oil.  

Our team has some incredible opportunities for you to learn and get educated. We have many DIY Recipes and monthly workshops. 

Alrighty... well. let's get scrubbing peeps. 

-Simply Sublime

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