Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Your Year to Shine. Making changes this year that last.

It is your year to SHINE right?

Do you believe that? Do you deep down know and believe that you deserve to SHINE? 

I think many of us say we believe it but we don't live it out. I know I am guilty of this myself. Well it is time to get empowered with the tools I need and do what I can to make a change that lasts long term. I am tired of thinking about it, talking about it. It is time to do it! 

If any of this relates to where you are at then please talk to me! I have some terrific ideas I am going to be putting to use this year with my fitness, health and home. I am all about the TEAM. Love doing life alongside others so we can be challenged, grow and encourage one another along the way. 

I am dropping my excuses, picking up my big girl.... well, you know...WEIGHTS of course
(come on...what were you thinking I was going to say) & my other power tools I have in my tool belt.

I am done with excuses! 
I am ready for the challenge!

Let's go! 

Here is to a healthier, stronger... SHINIER  new year!

-Simply Sublime

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