Monday, December 9, 2013

Colored Christmas Chalk Art Greetings

It has been a bit wack-a-doodle around here lately. It is strange because it seems calm in some ways, yet crunched for time in others. For instance we have had our tree up for over a week now... but no lights or ornaments on it yet. Why you may ask? Well, our lights are in a state of chaos and rather then spend 14+ hours pulling random lights from 7 strings to make up 1 working string, I am thinking a trip to the store may be easier and cheaper in the long run.

As for the ornaments - our home has an additional family staying with us and their ornaments are packed away in storage. So we are thinking in order to make a community family tree we could all make handmade ornaments for the tree this year. Ahhh, now you are getting the crunched for time comment, am I right?

I know it will all work out beautifully in the end. The process of getting to the end is what has me a wee bit puzzled. For some reason I am drawing a complete blank on where to start.  Maybe I should hop on over to Pinterest for some Ornament Inspiration.

 We have little hands just waiting to whip up some lovelies to bestow beauty upon our blank canvas of evergreen. Bring on the boughs!

I will make sure to post pics of our work in progress as we go. 

-Simply Sublime

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