Friday, March 15, 2013

New Uses for Old Ladders: DIY Upcycled / Reclaimed Home Decor

I LOVE old ladders. Especially ones that have years of paint splatters, weathered wood with cracks, rusty hardware. Think of the stories these beauties could tell. They have been stepped on and used- over, and over, and over. Without complaining with one little word! They have taken a beating & been tossed around for years. Think about it...when is the last time you appreciated your ladder? See what I am talking about?

Well, I just LOVE 'EM! Today is the day...I am speaking up on behalf of all of the unappreciated ladders out there. So, I am making it the official - Love of the Old Ladders Day. 


{source: Maps & Raps}

This one I am thinking of doing for beach towels. Great way to have them ready to use and get them drying when the kiddos are done swimming. Although I do love the contrast of the aged wood with the cozy neutral throw blankets. hmmm - what to do.

Need creative lighting for an event? These are beautiful - and who would have thought? Well, obviously someone did. 

Photography: Frank Tielemans,
{source: Bertjan Pot}


Antique ladder shelf

Love this bookshelf with the corner wrap.

Unique bookshelf which is made from recycled ladder and hanging on the wall

Shelving and clothes rack for a room without a closet.

Una vecchia SCALA DI LEGNO trasformata dai nostri creativi in scaffale porta-abitiideale in ingresso o in camera da letto, รจ utile per tenere tutto in ordine (spiegazioni nella pagina a seguire). Sott

Suspended shelf or pot rack in the kitchen.

{source: javic homes}

side table

fashion an end table ladder ss

wall shelf

wall shelving ladder ss

Aren't they fun? I know I am inspired to find a way to bring honor to atleast one old ladder. 

Please share if you have any other fabulous uses for the Ole' Ladder. 

-Simply Sublime

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