Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kombucha 101: the journey continues

So we WAIT! 

I told you once we transferred it into a large mouth glass container we would re-post. So as promised, here it is. On February 24th we started our Kombucha Creation Quest. We started our batch with out the Mother Scoby they suggest - so we knew it would take quite a bit longer.

We are 2-1/2 weeks into the journey and we can see (and smell) the kombucha making in action. The liquid is a little milky right now with the obvious beginnings of  a MOTHERLOAD... 
  • O
  • BACTERIA and 
Not sure the photos give you an idea of the progress we are making - but the floaties are growing and there is a translucent gel like layer growing on the top of the jar. We are loving checking it, but being careful not to disturb it too much. 

At this point (taking a wild stab here) I am assuming that the actual liquid in this jar will not be something we consume. It is smelling strongly like yeasty vinegar...YUM right? I think we will grow the scoby and reserve some of the liquid to start a fresh batch for our first consumption experience. 

We shall see though...

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