Thursday, March 28, 2013

Children's Seder Meal Activity Sheet: Passover Celebration

Tonight we are having our first...
Family & Friends Passover Celebration. 

It has been REALLY heavily placed upon my heart that our role as parents is to be "THE" spiritual leaders in the family. We need to be deliberate in seeking out opportunities to show our children how to live this thing out. I was thinking the other week about this and realized I do a pretty good job of bringing God into our regular daily life. We talk about him all the time & pray. We could do a lot better at serving him. We don't however create very many special events or celebrations where we thank Him for all he has done. 

This Easter provided a great opportunity for us to start a new tradition of PRAISE. We decided to invite friends and our family to a dinner where we would remember and thank God for all he has done. 

Not coming from a Jewish decent, and not being close to a family that is, the whole evening is a whirlwind of fresh concepts and activities. So, I have been researching for weeks to see what a Christian Passover Meal would look like.  We also wanted to have a large focus on the kiddos - keeping it to a level that would soak into their minds and hearts.   So I found a great game to play on the 10 plaques of Egypt. All you need is a printer and paper to create it. Here is the link: 10 Plaques of Egypt Game

Then this morning I had a brainstorm.... so here is what I whipped up. Feel free to use it if you would like!

-Simply Sublime

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