Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Mason Jar Makovers.... ORGANIZING

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Let's get organized!

So I am going to be honest with you. I have SEVERAL areas that lack in organization. I think my nature is to be extremely particular, everything lined up, color coordinated, etc., etc. - 

Problem is I LOVE setting up the system but get so excited about my next project the idea of following through all the tedious steps to keeping the previous, now out of my sight, lost all enthusiasm for it, has been, project in order. I need my organizational projects to look so FAB-TABULOUS ... (YES, I meant to say FAB-Tabulous) which means my eyes glued to them, I can't quit admiring them, WOW. Therefore forcing me to keep my eye on their beauty and staying organized. Great idea right?

So now the key is to find some things I 

Ah - not so difficult to come up with one of my current loves - Grandma's mason jars. Christmas is over, time to pack up my DIY Christmas mason jar projects I posted earlier. These treasures will be packed up leaving me masonless for a year. 

I find more ways to use them.

Found this great DIY project as I was stumbling around for bathroom ideas. Gina and Lindsey over at Vanilla & Velvet do a fabulous job of giving step by step instructions on how to make this little pretty yourself. I have linked the blog to this photo. A simple click and you can have this done and ready to go in a blink of an eye. And won't your bathroom just love you for it?

Bathroom Organizer


Here is another incredible idea I spotted on Pinterest! Can't wait to try this with other materials as well. L O V E it!

Cotton Ball & QTips Organizer
Mason jar and votive cup holder for bathroom... recycle, find the jars at yrad sales or thrift stores, or in your cabinets... and the votives are always at the Dollar store.... how cute is this... no paint needed, practical organization that is adorable... goes great with my country, rustic, mish mash decor... and cheap or free!
{Source:  Pinterest}

and more...

Yarn / Twine -
Baker's Twine Organizer
yarn dispenser jars ss

Etched Glass Storage Jars
{Source: Martha Stewart}

Craft Stash Organizer


love the copper color band on these with the old weathered barn boards
Mason Jar Herb Organizer
mason jar DIY hanging herb garden indoor plants

If I created all of these DIY delightfuls I would be on a bit of jar overload (although I easily have enough jars to do them) So I am going to ponder on a few contributing factors as I make my decision:

      1. Where do I need organization most?
      2. How practical is it with kiddos?
      3. Will it have a love life with me for longer then 6 months or is it something I would tire of quickly?

Afterall - as I mentioned earlier - I need to be so in love with this system it will keep me re-stocking, organizing, using it routinely. It can't be just another pretty face without a purpose after all. 

Hopefully whatever I end up choosing I will capture in snapshots along the way and blog a tutorial of the project with before and after pics. 

If you have other projects you think are to die for -or- you would like to vote on which project you think I should create & a comment below! 

p.s. There may even be a prize for one of you in it!
(think earrings with African Paper Beads)

-Simply Sublime

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