Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Love Story: M I N E

"Once Upon a Time..."
Yesterday a dear friend was sharing something profound at our Building Character Co-op during chapel time. She was opening up our minds to grasp how God, from the VERY beginning, was creating our S T O R Y.  She went into movies that deeply impact us and the why behind it. Many times it resonates within us because we are being called to be BOLD, or perhaps to be the one rescued. We long for adventure & romance. We were created for it.

Yet so often we find ourselves discontent in our daily lives which consist of tasks & check marks. Done, check that off, done, done, D O N E! It seems mundane, disconnected, lonely. Example: It is a fact that I cleaned the fridge, swept the floor & made dinner but I certainly am not creating some captivating scene here.  Nothing story worthy at all really. Except maybe to the ones receiving the work of our hands.

Then there are the days that we are literally slapped by some unforeseen force that knocks us down hard.  How many of us would willingly sign up ahead of time for abandonment, abuse, loss, heartbreak or tragedy? Still whether invited or not it becomes a part of our story.

Today I have been pondering on this, my journey, My S T O R Y. At times, especially in the beginning, I longed for that- "always feel good, be happy, found love, happy family, keep smiling", life. It only took a few steps down the road to realize my vision was short-sighted...or was it?

I have certainly had my share of ups and downs. Growing up I had an extremely close family who all lived within a 60 mile radius - most of us lived within a 10 mile radius. Our family that lived in the same town went to church together, vacationed together, had weekly dinners together, most worked together. My Grandparents and Parents both stayed married together. As a little girl this seemed perfect. Right here in this moment is where I set my romantic life vision "This will be my life".

As I stepped into the teens I began to see a different side to life...tragedy. My beloved Grandfather began having health issues. After years of cancer he passed away. He was my hero! This was my first taste of heartbreak. He holds such a dear place in my heart to this day I can't whisper his name without tears brimming. I knew from this moment on my story would be forever changed. It could not possibly look as simple as what I had planned.

I won't go into all the details of my real story as this would be a novel. I will tell you it could indeed be a novel, and most would not believe it to be true. I have experienced immense love, loss, tragedy, extreme pain, I have been rescued and I have gone on amazing adventures. I wouldn't say I would voluntarily sign up for all of it, had I been given some foresight, yet looking back I wouldn't trade it for anything. Every single line of my story has been richly written by a loving hand. I know I can trust the Author. I have found this to be true. All of the ups and down in the journey have helped me to realize there is only one hand I can completely trust to reach up to...and He just happens to be holding a pen in the other hand!

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. -Hebrews 12:2

In my thought process today I thought it would be fun to  create an etsy treasury representing a small portion of my story. Here is a link to it.
My etsy treasury of the day, but for my life.

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