Tuesday, October 15, 2013

God is Reigning over your STORY with Wisdom, Power & Love: Quote Art

A couple of weeks ago I went to a retreat with some girlfriends. It was  three amazing days full of refreshment, learning and hard work. Our days and nights were filled with an abundance of laughter, and honestly quite a few tears. 

We dug back into the history of who we once were, you know that little girl that was carefree, creative and fun -  what we have since experienced through the good and bad in our growing up years and where we have arrived so far in response to our life experiences. I believe all who were attending were hit with many "OUCH" and "AHHHH" moments as the days went on. 

One of the beautiful treasures that continued to surface throughout the weekend was the fact that every single chapter of our lives: whether we were an innocent little girl, a rebellious teen,  a victim of abuse, or had a stable childhood, whether it was full of brokenness & shattered dreams or we felt secure... God was the one holding the pen. He is and has always been REIGNING over our life stories and he does this in WISDOM, POWER & LOVE. When you can look back and picture him with you throughout your story it brings a sense of security to the future. We are not alone. We will NEVER BE alone. No matter what happens, God is with us and for us. 

This really helps me to feel at peace - to relax and rest in Him. I have a loving Father who adores and cherishes me. He is reigning over my life story in Wisdom, Power & Love and He has great things planned for me. I can trust Him! I LOVE Him!

-Simply Sublime!

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