Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dear friends who live in far off lands: New Quote Art

This evening my youngest girlie girl and I had a date night at home while the boys enjoyed a fun night out of bowling. As we snuggled up in the living room we ate dinner and watched quite a collection of movies; Unconditional, The First Grader & now, Far and Away.

From children in need in the U.S., people standing up for what they believe in Kenya, or Immigrants leaving one land and heading to another in hopes of living out their dreams - these movies all left me thinking of  my rich collection of friends around the globe. The majority of my friends are spending their lifetimes working hard at reaching out in love to those who are struggling- loving to make a difference. A high percentage of them are working with discarded children to help rise up a new generation of leaders who are grounded in the Word of God. I so ADMIRE them, I LOVE them deeply and I LONG to just sit and chat with them over a cup of tea, sharing stories. Oh, how my heart misses them.

 Tonight I am reminded once again about God's incredible way of weaving lives together with his rich threads of love, where physical distance separates but heartstrings bind.
                                                  -Simply Sublime

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