Friday, September 27, 2013

"Culture is Defined and Inspired by It's ART": The Anima Series

"Culture is Defined and Inspired by it's ART."  Listen people - there are some AH-mazing new videos out by a group of artists who are INCREDIBLE!!! In the last month or so they have been popping out some suh-weet ART for the eyes and ears. Whether you are 8 or 80 you will be encouraged and inspired by the artists who are choosing to use their talents to do Kingdom Work!They will be the first to say they aren't worthy to be called that - but they are laying it out there with willing hearts. It is a breath of fresh air. From the SPOKEN WORD, to MUSIC, to DRAMA, to DANCE this group is bringing their offering of talent to us in a real, refreshing and life-giving way.

Two of my favorite videos they have posted are Who You Are: A Message to ALL Men & Who You are: A Message to ALL Women.  The videos are simply precious and complete truth. If only our hearts could fully receive the love God has for us, we could find our true value in Him and operate in that fully. Oh how beautiful would it be for a sea of people to wash this earth living that kind of life? I am praying people can watch these videos and be inspired to LIVE LIKE THAT! 

Sometimes digging in God's word and receiving, or even understanding what it is saying to us can be a challenge. I think of young girls who have so many other things speaking into them from our culture - magazines, love songs, media. Boys struggling to be ENOUGH when our culture is telling them what being successful looks like. And don't you think for one minute I believe these are only issues for the young - this is a human crises that taints all ages. It has no age restrictions. We need to be soaking in truth to offset the loud voices barraging us in our culture. How refreshing to have these videos as opportunities to learn the truth of what the Bible is full of - God's LOVE & Truth.

The ANIMA Series has videos posted on you tube that range in style and should have something that will appeal to all.  Like most budding artists they could use some support to launch their Collaborative Worship album - if you watch their 10 x 10 campaign video you will learn more about this. They have their Kickstarter campaign open and ready to go too.

They are planning to reveal a new video every FRIDAY - whoop, whoop. I am really excited to make this a weekly "Check it out" moment with our family. What an inspiration this can be to our kids to remind them God created them with a variety of gifts just waiting to be used for His Glory! Let's tap into that.


-Simply Sublime

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