Thursday, February 7, 2013

America: A country fighting against what it stands for

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Alert: this is not a happy-go-lucky post! 

For years I have been becoming more and more concerned about what our country stands for. Don't get me wrong, I love the freedoms we have. America is FULL of potential.  I  truly believe we are blessed to  live in a land of opportunity. Still,  I have a sinking feeling that it is only a matter of time before we lose these things I appreciate so much. I believe the clock is ticking. I can almost hear it... tick...tick....tick.

Each tick represents all that I see and hear of people being intolerant of Christianity.  As I peruse FB, read emails, watch the news, my eyes are opened wider to the reality of the clock. We seem to be standing tall for  so many things the bible warns us about: corruption, immorality, vanity. Not only that but we are actually now fighting against why we founded our country in the first place: Christianity.

I think a lot of our current popular beliefs stem out of so much concern among people about what Hollywood thinks we should be living for and less concern for what the Bible says. Hollywood appears to have an agenda - even a political one. Do we even realize we are listening to them? Following them? I doubt it - yet many are. As we watch those in Hollywood are they something we would have our children aspire to be? Well - despite the fact they don't stand on a very high moral ground, despite the fact we see many crash and burn, many would still say YES. Why? Why would they say yes? It all comes back to the mental state of our people and what we value. We are becoming tainted, foggy and unclear. Somehow we have been convinced the Bible is bad, the moral high ground is judgmental and restrictive, and that God must be kept far, far away from our government. Actually lets just call it like it is... God must be kept far, far away from the public at all. Atleast the true living God anyway. All other religions we must be tolerant of, but Christianity? You better not mention it!

If we would deliberately begin listening with a discerning mind I believe we would be shocked at how easily we fall prey as blind followers of others beliefs. I so wish we would all start praying and asking God to honestly lead our thoughts, conversations and choices. Too often we are trusting anothers opinion instead of going straight to the source of the All Knowing, Living God.

A precious friend of mine recently posted a link on FB to a video of the Rabbi Jonathan Cahn who was the featured Guest Speaker for the Presidential Inauguration this year. It is absolutely EYE OPENING. WOW. Totally worth the watch.

In this video you will see how connected our Nations current belief system is impacting the destruction we have experienced. The great news is - we can be a part of what turns this around. We simply PRAY. We daily seek God and ask what he would have us to do. As we learn to constantly seek him we will also learn to follow his lead. Following Jesus (not Hollywood) will lead us to a place where we can be proud of what we stand for. For TRUTH!

I hope you watch the video in it's entirety. You will be glad you took the time.

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