Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our DoWnLiNe: Kiddos

This is our precious downline. From oldest to youngest top down. Aren't they the cutest? I cannot tell you how precious these wee ones are to my husband and me. Each of them individuals but strangely similar in so many ways.  I am reminded today of how much these precious ones inspire me to be do better. They really are a HUGE part of what prompts me to be creative, to think outside of my brain box. As I watch each of them skip & puddle jump through this life I see how creative each of them is in the process. A couple tromp straight through difficulties, some do cartwheels over them feeling upside down for a spell, still others jump right on over trying to avoid the realization there really was a puddle in the first place. I realize this is GOD... it is His design on their personalities and lives. Yet by observing them in my daily life I find my brain spinning with ideas of how to impact each of them individually & effectively. What can I do, say or create to help them continually step into who they were created to be?

I look at each one of them and question what kind of heritage am I leaving for them. Will the way I have lived spur them on to be who God created them to be? Will they look back and remember with fondness the rich soil in which they grew... or will they have regrets that their childhood was planted on shallow ground?

Many of my upcoming posts are going to be about creating things with my hands that start with an inferior product transforming it into something of greater value. Today I am asking God to do this with my own life. It may not be a product to hold in your hands - but it has the potential to be passed down from generation to generation. I am asking that God will take the weak, the confused, the chaotic that lives inside of me and redeem my life into something that has GREAT WORTH..something that brings HIM Glory! Something that encourages my children to allow Him to do the same for their lifetime & beyond. 
-Simply SUBLIME!

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