Friday, May 28, 2010

Garage Sales & Trash Tipping we go......

Boy did we find some steals today!It was a drizzly cold day and we weren't sure how many hot spots we would find.  Two of the stops we made surprised us as we entered - you know the ones that from the street look like they are bare but as you enter they tell you there is more inside. Boy was there!  Then we found a new place to trash tip (dumpster dive) We spotted the table in the first photo (on end) next to a large dumpster - we decided to ask if it could be rescued and sure enough we snagged it for $5.  I was pleasantly surprised when we flipped it over to put in the car and found the Ethan Allen hallmark underneath!  AWESOME!!! Then a blast from the past caught my eye - the stool flip up chair from the late '60's.  A little sandblasting, paint and new upholstery and this is going to be a TREASURE!!!  So excited!  We will be taking pics of the individual items we gathered today and show you the before and afters. So fun! 

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